steven tyler + big smile as requested

I just want to know what he's like in bed I am dying to know. I could punch someone if it were legal- UGH STEVENNNNNNNNNNNN HURRYYYYYYYY

are u the same horny anon of a while ago? anyway ANON i always tend to read these messages late at night idk whyy and its not helpful, and you always put me to think a LOTT hahaha, and idk i’d tell you that maybe if i run into him i’ll ask him and let ya’ know but with my luck i’m pretty sure you’ll gonna meet him first, even my neighbor is gonna meet him first than me so :/ you better tell me when you find out

is that a recent picture of steven because i hate that bitch with himmmmm

yes, it is recent, and apparently that girl is only a ‘lady friend’ tho, knowing steven who knows, anyways, yea i would like to ride on his motorcycle with him :/