Thanks to exist and made this blog, honey <3 I LOVE IT !

NO NEED pls i’m glad you like the blog THANK YOU for the nice message u cute


hi there hun :) im SO happy i found your blog!!! Steven is my favourite musician ever, so I'm 100% following you :) he's such an inspiration and seems like such a sweetheart whom i would absolutely love to meet one day. have you met him? :O


aw BBY thank you! i’m glad you found me too bc i love meeting new steven’s fans so welcome! and oh he is, he is a total and complete sweetheart from what i’ve heard, unfortunately NO :c and i’m super sad bc of it, i havent met him, i mean, i’ve seen aerosmith twice one time in houston and the other time in NY but i never got to meet the guys personally and it sucks :c 

Is STEVEN going to fly or ride to Atlanta?

oops sorry bby i didnt saw this until now but i’m sure you already got the answer somewhere else, all i know is that he’s already in atlanta (?